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This site exists to document the restoration of Circle Oaks, a home built prior to 1889 (we're still digging up records). I plan on having photos and videos of all the ugly things we find inside the walls and under the floors. I will constantly update the site for the next four or five years as progress occurs. I'll show the problems and what I did to fix them. More importantly, I will explain my selection of replacement building materials based on quality, reputation and my own brand of testing. It will be a real balancing act trying to preserve the majestic historical look & feel of this grand lady while selecting low-to-no maintenance building materials. The goal on a renovation project of this magnitude is to do it once. You can tell where there has been a fix over a patch over a little cover-up throughout the buildings on the property. That insanity must stop if we are to save this property.


Well the new design is finally implemented. The newest section which is just about complete is the Kitchen. I have about 5 more pages I am adding this summer.

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